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Reading around the blogosphere, I get a case of the "Oooh, I want that!"s; sometimes the book/video/CD could be for me, sometimes for Junior. (Junior's dad, the readingest man I know, seems to find his own material.) Here are a few reviews that caught my eye recently:

From Farm School: The audio version of E.H. Gombrich's A Little History of the World, and "Building Big," a DVD with David Macaulay.

From A Fuse # 8 Production: Elisha Cooper's new picture book, Beach.

From Fairrosa's Reading Journal: Beverly Cleary's Ramona books.

From Twice Bloomed Wisteria: Oxford's The World in Ancient Times series.

From Loree Griffin Burns: A Life in Books: Caroline Arnold and Richard Hewett's non-fiction picture book Baby Whale Rescue.

From Redneck Mother and Bartography: Jennifer Armstrong's The American Story: 100 True Tales from American History. Actually, I ran out and bought this one already, and read Junior the story of Boston's Great Molasses Flood of 1919. I knew he'd like that particular tale! (By the way, Jennifer Armstrong is a blogger, too.)

From MotherReader: A picture book by Richard Michelson, Oh No, Not Ghosts! (MR also mentions a number of other appealing new titles.)

From Homeschool Diary:  Alice Outwater's Water: A Natural History. For adults; very interesting. I'm reading it now. (Lots of other good books in this post, too.)

From Planet Esme: Jim Trelease's Read-Aloud Handbook, sixth edition. I didn't know there was a new one until I read it on Esme's blog. A tremendous resource, just like the previous five versions! I already had to dash off to the bookstore for this one.


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"The American Story" is fantastic. I'm reviewing it for the Forest this month.

Also, I LOVE how boys enjoy Ramona just as much as girls do. Just shows you that the whole girl/boy thing is not as set in stone as publishers might think.

Hey, so glad you were persuaded to go buy The American Story! There's a great poster using artwork from the book for Banned Books Week from the American Booksellers Foundation for Freedom of Expression at -- it's downloadable. Very cool.

I'm glad that it's not just me that gets the "I wants" reading others' reviews ! Of course, I usually go to the library and say "I would like you to get X for me please" rather than running to a bookstore...

The Berenstain Bloggers Get the Gimmees lol. Part of the reason I had to institute back to school treat bags is because there's too much good stuff, too little time! And had I known about the Zoom kids with the activities at the end of the Building Big DVDs, I would have bought them (and started saving paper towel tubes)...

Thanks for the round-up, Susan. I get all drooly with posts like this lol.

Thanks for writing about the Sixth Edition of the Read Aloud Handbook. I knew that it was coming out sometime soon, but I somehow missed it. I LOVE the fifth edition, and will definitely pick up this one soon. Thanks!

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