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A Few Favorites from 2006

MotherReader is encouraging everyone to post his or her favorites of the year so far. Here are a few of my personal favorite picture books, all of which have been kid-tested and kid-approved by my son. I'm sure that others will come to mind once I hit the "publish" button.

  • Bats at the Beach, written and illustrated by Brian Lies (my Poetry Friday selection last week)
  • I'm a Pill Bug, written by Yukihisa Tokuda and illustrated by Kiyoshi Takahashi (reviewed in The Edge of the Forest)
  • Quiet Hero: The Ira Hayes Story, written and illustrated by S.D. Nelson. A biography of a Native American WWII hero.
  • Nutmeg, written and illustrated by David Lucas, about a girl living with eccentric relatives. She meets a genie, and things get rawther stirred up. Some wacky goings-on here. My son loved it.

I haven't read that many early chapter books from 2006, but one that both Junior and I enjoyed is Barbara Park's Junie B., First Grader: Aloha-ha-ha!. I'm also liking Jennifer Armstrong's American Story; we're reading the 100 true tales slowly over time. Armstrong's book is geared toward the elementary-school-crowd (ages 7 and older).


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Yeah! Thanks for pulling together some personal favorites - esp. Bats on the Beach a Poetry Friday favorite.

Yeah, Susan, you included some I didn't have room for (esp. "I'm a Pill Bug," which I love!

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