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Attention, Bloggers! 1st Annual Children's Book Awards, Blog Edition

Hear ye, year he! Oops, I mean, hear ye, hear ye! The children's literature blog Big A little a announces,

This month we’ve seen a spate of book awards, some of which have left us wondering: couldn’t we, the intelligent, savvy members of the kidlitosphere do better? Or, at least, differently?

So, we’re inaugurating our own book awards, honoring books published in English for children in 2006. Anne Boles Levy, of Book Buds, will launch a site this week and administer the awards process. What we need first is a name for this award, so we can get the award site up asap. One suggested name is The Belugas. Okay, that was my suggestion, but I suspect it’s a little weird. Anyone have a better idea? Head on over to Book Buds and make your contest name suggestion.

Click the link in this post's first paragraph and read about these to-be-named awards, and then come back! Because I need you. Yes, you.

As the administrator of the poetry committee, I am recruiting five folks for a nominating committee and five for a judging committee. Children's literature bloggers, children's writers who blog, and general literature bloggers are eligible for either committee. (You can be on one or the other.)

The nominating committee will narrow down a list of suggestions for Best Children's Poetry Book 2006 to five, count 'em, five books. The judging committee will, yes!, judge the winner from those five. 

Nominate yourself for either poetry committee. Use the comments feature for this post or email me at c_spaghettiATyahooDOTcom.


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I nominate myself for a poetry committee. I'd prefer judging to nominating, but I'm flexible.

My blog is at where I review children's books (including books of poetry), and run a regular Poetry Friday event.

This is a great idea, and is bound to come up with better selections that the Quills Award. Seriously.

Pick me! Pick me! Judging committee.

I would love to be on the judging committe for the poetry books. Been participating on Poetry Fridays, teach poetry writing as an after school activity for forst -third graders and love writing poetry.

I am now, officially, a Blue Rose Girl. If you need someone else for the poetry nominating committee, I'm at you service!

I need to clarify my last comment. I am listed as a contributor to the Blue Rose Girls blog. But my official title is COMOCL--Cool Old Matron of Children's Literature.

Not all of us are spring chickens, you know!

I'll be posting on Poetry Fridays.

Kelly, Wendy, and Jone, great! Elaine, great and congrats on your Blue Rose news!

More details to come, y'all.

I saw the new Cybils blog -- looks great. And again, what a terrific idea. Can't wait to find out what I have to do to help!

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