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Calling All Kids' Poetry Readers

Have you heard about the bodacious new lit prizes in town, the 2006 Children's and YA Bloggers' Literary Awards? Known as the Cybils, these honors will go to the best books of 2006. Anyone can nominate his or her favorite book of the year in many categories at the Cybils web site.

I am the administrator of the award in poetry. A few more people are needed for the two poetry committees:

  • 1. Nominating committee (5 people): Will narrow down a long list of children's poetry books to a short list of five.
  • 2. Judging committee (5 people): Will choose the top winner from the five books selected by the nominating committee.

This is your chance to participate. If you would like to serve on a committee, please leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail at c_spaghettiATyahooDOTcom. If you have questions, please ask!


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I've left earlier comments with Jen and Kelly basically saying I'd be happy to be on any of the judging committees. The poetry one would be one of my preferred slots, but again, would go where I am most needed.

Judging *may* be full; I will update soon. Would you consider the poetry nominating committee?

Susan, so so sorry, but I just got an email from Jen that I've been assigned to the YA Judging committee.

Shoot. Well, not shoot, because that was one of my other preferred groups, but I'm sorry I led you on.

I'll be so interested in what the poetry group produces!

I left an email earlier - did I wind up on the judging comittee?

Wendy, yes, you're on the judging committee. Do you have a robe and a gavel? Kelly F., you're on judging, too.

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