Banned Books Week: Whale Talk, by Chris Crutcher
Canadian Kid Lit Awards

Book Giveaways, Kids' Writing Contest

1. If your house is like mine, Halloween ranks right up there in terms of favorite holidays. The blog A Readable Feast is giving away four copies of Usborne Books' Halloween Activities, so go take a look at the contest rules. (And look! Ghost Eats It All!, Janee Trasler's new book, is reviewed in another Readable Feast post. Janee's blog is Art & Soul; here's her web site. Congrats on publication, Janee.)

2. Kahani magazine, "dedicated to empowering, educating and entertaining children of South Asian descent living in North America,"  is sponsoring a writing competition:

Kahani’s 2nd Annual Young Writers Contest is open to all children between the ages of  6-8 and 9-11. Stories can be up to 500 words, but must use the words cousin, river, and turmeric.  The  deadline for all entries, which must be e-mailed to the magazine, is Sunday, December 17, 2006. For complete rules and an entry form, log onto

Thank you to writer and editor Pooja Makhijani for the Kahani link.

3. Mitali Perkins's publisher is giving away 200 copies of her forthcoming novel Rickshaw Girl to libraries. Entry rules here. ["Winners must be librarians (school or public), working staff of a library (school or public) or seeking employment at a library (school or public)."] I guess hangers-out are not eligible. That's okay. I can read an excerpt from the book at Charlesbridge's web site.


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Susan! If you (or any other kid-lit bloggers) want a review copy of Rickshaw Girl, please let me know and I'll be delighted to ask Charlesbridge to send one your way.

Thank you for the offer, Mitali! I will email you with the particulars. I think it's neat that your publisher has an excerpt up. Don't you love the I'net?

You are hereby tagged on my Halloween meme! Get to it! :)

Well thank you, thank you kindly. :-)

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