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The winner of the Nobel prize for literature will be announced on October 12th in Sweden. Who will it be? Newsweek says Orhan Pamuk. The AP mentions him, as well as Joyce Carol Oates, Philip Roth, Syrian poet Adonis, and Swedish poet Thomas Transtromer. The Guardian's Culture Vulture lists a few others, including Korean poet Ko Un, Amos Oz, and Mario Vargas Llosa. Considering that Americans have so far won all of the other 2006 Nobels, I'm guessing that the lit prize won't go to a Yank.

Meanwhile, Critical Mass, the online voice of the National Book Critics Circle, reminds us that the Booker top prize and the National Book Award finalists will also be announced this week.

Thank you to MoorishGirl for the Newsweek tip and to SignOnSanDiego for the AP story.


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I've often observed that there is a political reason and/or statement to be made with the winner of the Nobel for literature. I am leaning towards Orhan Pamuk (I love MY NAME IS RED.), although my favorite writer on the above shortlist is Mario Vargas Llosa. (AUNT JULIA AND THE SCRIPTWRITER is one of favorite books.)

I was going to hazard a Cormac McCarthy guess until all those Americans won the other prizes, even though I did not enjoy the little of his work that I've tried. Of all those folks, I've read the most of Joyce Carol Oates.

I don't like McCarthy either, Susan.

I'm waiting to see what will happen. I also don't think it will be an American. I've never guessed Nobel Literature correctly.

As for the Peace Prize I'm waiting for an unusual choice, but a good one: What about Jane Goodall? She's a quiet peace worker.

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