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Living It Up with the English Teachers

Over the weekend, lots of our favorite bloggers and authors and teachers convened in Nashville for the NCTE.

The what? The National Council of Teachers of English. Who knew its annual meeting was such a kid-lit networking festival? Not me.

Cynthia Leitich Smith (Jingle Dancer) filed a report from Music City. Peggy Oxley and  Sylvia Vardell (of the blog Poetry for Children and the Cybils poetry nominating committee) presented an award to Nikki Grimes, for excellence in poetry for children. See Sylvia's blog for details. The Goddess of YA Literature was there, too; she refers to the enormous Opryland Hotel, where the convention took place, as the Habitrail. Funny.

Plus, the well-known edublogger Bud the Teacher chimes in with his take. Bud mentions meeting our own Mary Lee, of the kid-lit blog A Year of Reading; she's fast on the draw, with Nashville updates already posted. Sarah Dessen (That Summer) speaks of "wild times" with other young-adult authors. Hmm.

Holy smokes. More rumors of writers running wild. See The Boyfriend List blog for YA novelist E. Lockhart's takes on the Nashville gathering. She's promising photos, too. What's this? Also in Nash Vegas, Cecil Castellucci confides about her "girl literary crush" and tells other tales at her blog, The Divine Miss Pixie Woods.

In a third A Year of Reading installment,  Franki, another kid-lit blogger pal, confirms the fun (& informative) goings on, mentioning that next year's meeting is in NYC. I wonder if it's at the Hilton, which is almost as Habitrail-like as Opryland, though easier to escape and have some, say, excellent Thai food at Pongsri. Or BBQ at Virgil's. And so on.

Meanwhile, you can find a different viewpoint (though only partly about NCTE) in Monica Edinger's essay at Educating Alice.

From the looks of the list at Technorati (a blog search engine), I could go on and on. If you wrote about NCTE, give me a holler in the comments, and I'll link you up.

I don't think y'all spent a bit of time diagramming sentences, did you?


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I blogged twice about NCTE/ALAN -- and will finish up with photos later in the week.


Excelente! I will link your posts.

me too. I blogged about it.


(my name is cecil castellucci)
(I am a YA author gone wild)

Gotcha! Thanks!

I just added my info on the convention, authors I saw, etc.
Franki, A Year of Reading

Thank ya very kindly, Franki! Gotcha.

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