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Poetry Friday: Kristine O'Connell George

Poking around the web site of poet J. Patrick Lewis, whose Blackbeard I wrote about last week, I came across his recommendation of the site of Kristine O'Connell George, self-described  "writer, poet, tadpole rancher..." J. Patrick Lewis says, "One of the best children's poetry links on the web, children's poet Kristine O'Connell George's Poetry Corner is state-of-the art, continually updated." So, for today's Poetry Friday selection, I send you to the Poetry Corner for George's "Nest Construction," with a lovely illustration by Barry Moser, too. The poem is from the picture book Hummingbird Nest. I like George's economical way with words. Her book Fold Me a Poem looks intriguing, too.

Over at Journey Woman, Nancy rounds up all the bloggers participating in Poetry Friday. Thank you for lassoing the rowdy herd!


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You've been rounded up. Sorry so late getting your note!


FOLD ME A POEM and HUMMINGBIRD NEST are both excellent children's poetry books--and both have wonderful illustrations. I have been a fan of George's work since she published her first book of poems, THE GREAT FROG RACE in 1997. She does have a great poetry site--with a lot of resources.

Did you check out Joyce Sidman's website? It's an excellent poetry site, too. She has developed teacher's guides for all of her poetry books.

Elaine, thanks for the heads up about Joyce Sidman's site; I will look. I need to revamp my authors & illustrators list at some point. Good to know about George's work, too.

Nancy, not to worry. gracias for the roundup!

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