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Reading with a Second Grader 11.14.06

Weekend Update

The New York Times Book Review runs a big children's book section today. I have a bone to pick with one of its Best Illustrated selections, but more on that at another time. Meanwhile, the online slide show of the winners is nice. And go see J.L. Bell's analysis of the section's advertising, at Oz and Ends. Interesting.

Gina MarySol Ruiz reviews A Gift From Papá Diego/Un regalo de Papá Diego, written by Benjamin Alire Sáenz and illustrated by Geronimo Garcia, at La Bloga. If you're interested in Mexican American-themed books for children, you will get good recommendations from Gina. Check La Bloga's archives for more of her reviews.

Do book reviewers need to speak the "language of art"? Join the discussion at the Blue Rose Girls.

Debbie Reese considers Thanksgiving lesson plans at her blog, American Indians in Children's Literature.


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Thanks for the NYTimes link! My 5th graders are getting geared up to write book reviews and this will make a great addition to the print reviews I've collected for them!

Mary Lee, I would have loved it if our fifth grade teacher had done something like that. What a lucky class!

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