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Greatest Science Books--and Other "Best of" Lists

This time of year means Best of 2006 for many magazines, newspapers, and blogs (go, Cybils!), but have you seen Discover's 25 Greatest Science Books of All-Time? Over at Critical Mass, science writer Rebecca Skloot pointed out the Discover article, adding her own suggestions of science books with high "readability." These are titles for grown-ups, not children, but perhaps scientifically inclined young adults would appreciate a book or two from either lineup.

Lists of best children's books of 2006 can be found at

* ALA stands for American Library Association, and YALSA for Young Adult Library Services Association (a division of ALA).

(A tip o' the hat  to Dr. Frank's What's-It for the link to Kirkus, and to Read Alert for the Parenting and Inside a Dog mentions. Kelly Herold contributed many of the links, via her fine lists and review round-ups at the blog Big A little a.)


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So awesome that you pulled these lists together in one place. I was just thinking about how to go back and find them all, and now you've saved me the time and energy - both in short supply during the holiday season. You rock.

Aw, shucks. You're welcome.

I didn't even realize that the new Costa award is the old Whitbread until I made this list. Duh.

If I see more lists, I'm going to add them here.

I linked, Susan! I'm so happy I have a working keyboard -- the adult list of science titles is great, I can't help thinking of a kid list of the same. Argh -- how much can I do in December lol.

Great job here - for science books for kids I am loving Exploratopia. I mentioned it at the end of my Bookslut column this month - it's one of those great big book of experiments that are so awesome for the elementary/jr high crowd. Very well done and I'm really enjoying it.

Becky, the beauty of a working computer is no small thing. Colleen, that one sounds good; I'm going to hunt for it.

Thanks for all these great links!

You're welcome, Nancy!

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