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Merry Christmas

Poetry Friday (One Day Early): Poems for Teens

When Billy Collins was poet laureate, he created a site called Poetry 180. Housed at the Library of Congress, Poetry 180 featured a poem a day for high school students, and it's still up and accessible.  Speaking for all of us slightly older than teens but still recalling our Freaks and Geeks/ Dazed and Confused days, I dedicate a cheer to Billy Collins and Poetry 180.

For today's Poetry Friday selection, I chose "The Bagel," by David Ignatow, which describes something unexpected. Enjoy.

Thanks to Elaine, of the Blue Rose Girls, who mentioned this site in an email.


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We're heading to Montreal shortly and I haven't been able to find the host of this week's Poetry Friday. I hope you don't mind if I tag mine onto yours...

Today, we celebrate the irresistable rhyming book: The Piggy In The Puddle.

Thanks! and all the best of the holiday season to everyone in the kidlit-o-sphere!


Merry Christmas, Susan. May your new year be filled with books and poetry and joy. Thanks for blogging.

Happy holidays!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Andrea, Sherry, and Jules! I look forward to the coming year in the kidlitosphere.

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