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Poetry Friday: "Speak, Whitbread," a Search Fib

Poet dunk
Chicken skeleton.
Britney Spears new fanny pic?

A "search Fib" is a poem based on the Fibonacci mathematical sequence, which uses terms that people plugged into a search engine. The phrases I used in my nonsensical Fib had somehow led folks to my blog. (Blogs' inner workings allow the blog writers to see referring URLs, and thus, search terms from Google and the like.)  Children's book author Gregory K. Pincus, of the GottaBook blog, got everybody hooked on Fibonaccis earlier this year.

You can find the roundup of all the Poetry Friday participants at Big A little a, the blog of Kelly Herold.


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Fun stuff Susan!

Am I the only one whose mind is boggling at the last item ?!

Thanks, Nancy! I had to leave out "cream of mushroom soup." It just wouldn't fit in. Next time, I suppose.

Without fail, when I see an US military address or user from Waco, Texas, in the stats, that person is looking for the chicken spaghetti recipe.

Michele, you noticed. Ha. I once mentioned B.S. in regard to her literary analysis of Blake; I guess that's what did it. No fanny pics, old or new here.

That's most excellent. I am still fond of "poptart addiction" leading to me, particularly since it's so nicely five syllables (as is cream of mushroom soup, I must note). I get no Brittney hits... and I don't think I'll work on it!

Hey, Greg! "Poptart addiction" is hard to beat, I have to say.

My favorite on my site was "Winnie the Pooh look like a pimp," which actually, at eight syllables would fit in fib format. I responsed to the search in my "I'm Thankful for StatCounter" post with "True dat."

I forgot about that one, MR. Awesome.

Here at C.S., any Southern medical school IP is also always looking for a chicken spaghetti recipe. I used to think, oh, they're researching the healing power of children's fiction. But no.

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