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Poetry Friday: Poetry Speaks to Children


Santa Claus brought Junior the most awesome book. While Junior plays with the "Don't Break the Ice" game and the new cars and trucks, I can't let go of Exploratopia, a handsome volume of science experiments. Issued under the auspices of Little, Brown and  San Francisco's Exploratorium children's museum, this book contains 384 pages  that "show... kids how to explore the world around them, how to ask questions, and how to experiment to find the answers."

Meanwhile, Junior himself also recommends Extreme 3-D Scary Bugs, which came with 3-D glasses, and the Discovery Laser Beam Safe, which is not a book at all. And which talks, and beeps like a backing-up NYC garbage truck.


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The best line in Exploratopia: "We lied to you in the name of science!"

LW, at this rate I'll be doing experiments while Junior is at school. What a cool book. Did you review it?

:) I haven't reviewed it. I looked through it when it came out of the box, and my co-worker almost immediately bought it for her son.

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