Reading with a Second Grader 12.12.06
Poetry Friday: "You Read to Me, I'll Read to You"

Wednesday Coffee Break, Dec. 13

The Diamond of Drury Lane, a début novel by Julia Golding, has won the Nestlé Children's Book prize. See the Guardian for details. Julia Golding has a blog, too.

Recommended reading: "Dividing Lines: Why the Book Industry Still Sees the World Split by Race," by Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg, at The Wall Street Journal. (Hat tip to La Bloga for the link.)

MotherReader suggests "21 Ways to Give a Book." Awesome list.

Cool broadcasting idea: Favorite holiday books at BookTalk: The Podcast, a venture by Renee of Shen's Blog. (Scroll down when you get to BookTalk.) You can hear one of the voices behind Seven Impossible Things.

Relaxed Homeskool reviews (and recommends) Baby Kong, a new picture book that stars homeschooled children.

Terrier: Beka Cooper # 1, by Tamora Pierce, is 30% off at The Cybils award fantasy/sci-fi nominee is even less expensive (this morning, at least) at Amazon. The blog Wands and Worlds says, "[Terrier] is a prequel to Pierce's Tortall series, but it quite stands on its own and you can enjoy it without having read any of the other books. I highly recommend this book; adults as well as teens will enjoy it."

Happy St. Lucia Day, everyone! As soon as I finish this post, I'm going to try blogger Karen Edmisten's  recipe for braided orange bread. Now, if only I had Melissa Wiley's book to go with it... (Thank you to By Sun and Candlelight for the link.)


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Know where I learned about St. Lucia Day? From the American Girls' book, Kirsten's Surprise: A Christmas Story. I must have read it at some point in late-elementary school.

See? Aren't kids' books great! Despite my Scandinavian last name, I have to say I was only vaguely aware of the holiday until the last five years or so.

In kindergarten Junior was part of a holiday celebration in which angelic children carried (fake) candles as the Santa Lucia part of the ceremony. Junior's group was the Hanukkah group, who wore tie-dyed t-shirts. Which is very Junior.

The "braided bread," and I use that term loosely, is rising in the kitchen as I write this. It's quite lopsided, but what the heck.

I'm pleased as punch about Julia Golding's win... It's a fine book !

From the description, Michele, it sounds like one I really want to read.

Thanks for the link to my review of Terrier. As you can tell, I really enjoyed the book!

You're welcome!

Susan, I'll make you the same offer that I made Kelly on her Blog - do you want me to get you a copy of The Diamond of Drury Lane, post-Cybils ? Let me know...

Thanks for the link. Enjoy the stuffed stingray.

Michele! You've made my day. I will send you an email. Ooh, then we can all talk about it.

Right-o !

It would be great to talk about it with someone...

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