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MotherReader sent a meme my way, suggesting the 5 Things About Me meme me me mememe (oops, I got stuck) in the form of last year's blog posts. I got through the first half of the year.  Here goes:

5. I've been known to beg the American Library Association. (Jan.)
4. I didn't even write one of my favorite posts. Poet and librarian David Moody did. (Feb.)
3. The second Carnival of Children's Literature: A Coney Island Adventure took place right here. (Mar.) I used to be a paid lister and blurbologist (at this magazine), and I still love putting these sorts of things together.
2. In the spring my son and I discovered Where the Sidewalk Ends. (April)
1. I started volunteering at a school (not my son's, though I help out at the library there, too), where some first graders needed a little extra reading practice. I've continued reading with a new class of six year olds, and I love it. I highly recommend being a reading buddy. (May)

If you would like to do this meme yourself, jump aboard. You don't even have to go back to last year. I'm tapping Excelsior File, FeatherBeeTangognaTBookshelves of Doom, and  Saffron Tree.


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Thanks for playing! I liked your picks. I remember the Where the Sidewalk Ends one -particularly for the concept of a fifth grader "needing" the book for her kindergarten buddy. Made me chuckle today thinking about it.

I did mine! Thanks for tagging me.

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