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Costa Literary Awards (UK)

Prize season, which really now extends through the whole year, continues with the category winners of the UK's Costa awards. The Book of the Year will be announced on February 7th.

According to the Guardian, the big story is in poetry—John Haynes' Letter to Patience beat Seamus Heaney's District and Circle—while BBC News focuses on William Boyd's Restless, which was named best novel.

The children's book news is that Linda Newbery won for Set in Stone. Newbery's web site describes her young adult novel.

A reader-teasing mystery in the tradition of Wilkie Collins and the Victorian Gothic novel, set in 1898. Fourwinds, a country house close to the South Downs, is the pride of its owner, wealthy widower Ernest Farrow. Samual Godwin, a gullible young artist employed by Farrow as painter and tutor, is irrevocably drawn into the lives of the three young women at Fourwinds: demure Juliana; Charlotte Agnew, governess and companion, who reveals little of her thoughts and aspirations; and Marianne, the younger daughter, passionate, wilful and unpredictable. Intrigued by Marianne to the point of obsession, Samuel little suspects how thoroughly he is being manipulated.

Here in the US, we'll hear about the Caldecott and Newbery finalists on January 22nd. The American Library Association plans to webcast that news live.

Costa news via GalleyCat


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I've got a reservation for Set In Stone at the library - expect a review in due course...

It sounds really good.

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