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Items of Interest, Jan. 12

A Scholar's Blog puts a fun idea on the table: a group discussion of Susan Cooper's novel King of Shadows. It will start on February 6th. More info here. The book's reading level seems to be from age 9 on up, so I"m pretty sure I qualify. (Did I hear an "and then some" from the peanut gallery? Hey, watch it.)

A new Carnival of Children's Literature takes place at Big A little a on January 20th. The deadline for submission is Monday, January 15th. Details here.

The bloggers at Seven Impossible Things interview each other. It's a hoot. The Cybils awards page is also running profiles of the judges in the various categories.

A Fuse #8 highlights another Best of the Year list today. Click over and see.

The upcoming Newbery prizes have many of the children's book bloggers guessing. Teachers Mary Lee and Franki offer their shortlists at A Year of Reading.

Kelly at Big A little a is rounding up the Poetry Friday posts today.


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Ooh! I'm liking the new template. It's very strong in a good way.

Thanks for the links!

Thanks for the heads up! I can't even see the new design. I've got browser issues... Oh, and you're welcome for the link.

Susan, thanks for the mention for the Book Discussion Group... Bloggers keep on mentioning it, here and there, and so they keep sending more participants my way. This is going to be far bigger than I dreamed was possible !

It sound like fun, Michele. I have the book from the library with a much less dramatic cover than the image on your site.

I hope you enjoy it Susan and look forward to discussing it with you (and everyone else !)...

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