Newbery and Caldecott Awards Announced Today
The Works: Anatomy of a City

Seeking Feedback: Caldecott, Newbery Webcast

Looking at my stats, I see that many readers tried the hyperlink for the Caldecott and Newbery webcast yesterday. Was anyone able to see it? I am afraid that the answer is going to be that very few people were able to get on. Please let me know in comments here, because I plan to write a letter to the American Library Association.

If you tried and did not get to see the webcast live, I apologize. I never would have provided such a frustrating link if I had known it would not work.

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I was not able to get on, but I did enjoy watching it after the fact - almost as good as getting to go to ALA midwinter!

The ALA website is always quite fustrating, and for the cost of a membership in ALA (I am a member)you would expect that things would flow better on there.

media specialist
lilburn, ga

I got on without any trouble. In fact, it was so easy, I figured everyone would get to watch it live. Now I feel guilty, and I wish I had blogged it while watching. I was afraid if I did anything else online, that my connection would get messed up.

I wasn't able to get on-- I had no idea demand was so high! Not your fault, though. I hope ALA does better next year.

I just kept reloading the page and trying, and after about six or eight tries, I got in. I watched the whole thing.

I kept reloading, but was never able to get in. A coworker tried on her computer, but she wasn't able to get in either.

I tried a bit late, and it was full.

I wasn't able to get on. I started trying early and repeatedly but luck.

The good thing for the American Library Association is that there is high interest in these awards. New ventures, of course, always need tweaking, and so when I write the organization off-line, perhaps the feedback can be put to good use for next year!

I'm glad to see that several of you got to see the awards. I had planned to watch them, but was out at the time.

I found your link didn't work so I tried the ALA and had problems with the webcast link. After several tries I tried the link with powerpoint slides and got on. The 'cast was smooth, no glitches, but I heard that others who used the powerpoint link got dumped several times.

I have a DSL connection, if that makes a difference here.

I was not able to get on to the webcast.
Did try early and also worked on reconnecting later -- but no luck.
Still appreciated the link, though!! :)

I tried, too, without luck...

I am a K-6 Librarian. I put up an LCD projector in the library. I logged in just in time to hear the Geisel, Caldecott and Newbery awards. It was very exciting to see it broadcast live. I am on an IRA committee and had actually read the three Newbery Honor that was even more fun. I love historical fiction and I loved Hattie Big Sky.

Awesome. That's great. It sounds like the webcast did work for several people. Good idea to project it, too. (Do you use the Smart Board? My 7-year-old loves his class's Smart Board.)

I'm hoping that feedback from this year can help for next year. I'm not even a member of the ALA, but because I refer to the site occasionally, I'd like to help the organization out.

For many people, the ALA's web site is an entry point to the whole organization.

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