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Poet Deborah Garrison's Second Book

A while back I talked about  Deborah Garrison's first collection of poems,  A Working Girl Can't Win, which came out in 1998. Today Random House publishes a followup, The Second Child. (These are books for grown-ups, not children.) I enjoy Garrison's accessible work and look forward to seeing what she's up to.

Random House says,

In The Second Child, Garrison explores every facet of motherhood–the ambivalence, the trepidation, and the joy (“Sharp bliss in proximity to the roundness, / The globe already set aspin, particular / Of a whole new life”)– and comes to terms with the seismic shift in her outlook and in the world around her.

Garrison's poems "Into the Lincoln Tunnel" and "Goodbye, New York" are getting some airplay on the blogs after they were included on Garrison Keillor's "Writer's Almanac" segment on public radio. You can read and listen to them at the Almanac's web site. (Check the Jan. 24 archives for the Lincoln Tunnel poem.) Deborah Garrison is the poetry editor at Knopf, and both she and Keillor were on staff at The New Yorker some years back.

Click here for a review, at Bookslut.


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Sounds like this book will tug at every mother's heart. Thanks for sharing this.

You're welcome!

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