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Side Dishes Feb. 28

Author and illustrator Barbara Johansen Newman talks about a writer's retreat, at her blog Cats and Jammers Studios

If you are looking for more books like You Can, Toucan, Math, don't miss "Math + Picture Books = Fun" (available in a PDF file) at Book Links. (Two plus marks go to this post at The Miss Rumphius Effect, too, where I nabbed the Book Links bit.)

Today's funniest tag line prize belongs to Syntax of Things: "One person's crap is another person's blog..."

Down in Atlanta, the Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP) conference starts today and runs through March 3rd. I spy several blogging names among the panelists, including Gwenda Bond (Shaken & Stirred). Her Saturday morning group addresses "Beyond Realism: Fiction That Tangles with Tangibles." Then there's the intriguing "Adult Authors Who Cross Over to Young Adult"; Marina Budhos, who wrote Ask Me No Questions, is on that one. I see lots of Southern stuff on the menu, including a reading by Elizabeth Spencer. I'd also be sure to attend "Peter Taylor and the Lost World of the Modern" on Thursday; if you've never read a Taylor short story, remedy that, okay? Critic & novelist James Wood is part of that panel.


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Susan, thank you much for the link to my post about Whispering Pines. It truly is a lovely retreat that offers a special weekend away for those who are serious about writing for children. Anyone who has questions should feel free to email me for more info or I can forward those questions to the organizers.

Barbara, it sounds great! Your post was our vicarious way of being there.

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