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My son the future scientist/engineer finds a number of alternative uses for common household products—"See, if you stuff a sponge up the bathtub faucet, then the water backs up and sprays out the shower"—so in an effort to channel some of this investigative curiosity in a positive way, I always look for the National Science Teacher's Association list of outstanding science trade books for children. We have found excellent reading there in the past.

The 2007 list will first appear in the March issue of Science & Children, a publication of the NSTA. However, a little investigation turned up several of the soon-to-be-mentioned titles. There will be many more, of course, but here are three to tide us over.

Wild Lives: 100 Years of People and Animals at the Bronx Zoo
, by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld (source: Random House site)
The Wolf: Night Howler,
by Christian Havard (source: Charlesbridge)
Rain Forest, by Jinny Johnson and Nalini M. Nadkarni  (source: Aldo Leopold Leadership Program)


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Thought I'd suggest another terrific science title: TRACKING TRASH: Flotsam, Jetsum, and the Science of Ocean Motion. This 2007 book is by Loree Burns and introduces Dr. Curt Ebbesmeyer, who trails trash in the name of science. Good stuff from a terrific new author!

I can't wait for Loree's book! It has "us" written all over it. (I say this as the mom of a son who requested a tour of our town's water-treatment facility!) Thanks, Rose.

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