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Poetry Friday: "You Can, Toucan, Math"

19193 Colorful birds star in a book billed (ha) on the cover as "word problem-solving fun." You Can, Toucan, Math, a book of rhyming math questions, puts all those boring, poorly copied worksheets to shame.

You can probably tell  from the cover that Edward Miller's illustrations are a hoot; the bright hues used on the pages and in the illustrations illuminate flamingos, pelicans, chickens, and black-bellied plovers, just to name a few, as they pose for various equations. The top-notch graphic design adds the right note of whimsy to David A. Adler's poems. For the young readers who may need reminders, the author explains adding, multiplying, subtracting, and dividing on the second page. Another plus is that children will pick up a little nature lore along the way. You Can, Toucan, Math would make a great gift for first, second, and third grade classrooms—and for your home, too.

Liz B. at the Tea Cozy has the Poetry Friday roundup today.


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This looks great! I am going to have to get this one. Thanks for the review.

Cloudscome, it's fun. I think the kids at your school will enjoy it. And so will your boys when they are a bit older.

Another book to look for. Math and reading. Sounds like something my kids will pay attention to.

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