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Poetry Friday: New Books

If it's the end of the week, it must be time...for....Poetry Friday!

Here are some new poetry books for children, courtesy of Publisher Weekly's "Children's Bookshelf." (I added the links to Powell's so you could see them.)

PW points out that the Children's Book Council has a huge list of children's poetry books published in 2006-7 (available in a PDF file).

I will round up the other Poetry Friday posts on Friday evening, perhaps sooner. Poetry Friday participants can leave links in the comment section of this post.

Everyone who is posting a contemporary poem is 1. going by copyright fair-use considerations; or 2. has permission from the author or publisher, right? Okay, then.

The Poetry Friday Roundup for March 31, 2007

The night owl Book Buds contributes a " boombox of a poem about two young sisters in South Philly's summer heat" in the form of a picture-book review. At Check It Out, students have gone wild for poetry, including some Whitman. A poem a day? Free, from Knopf? See Liz in Ink for details.

Journey Woman features Keats today, and I spied Emily Dickinson's "There Is No Frigate Like a Book" and some favorite quotations at the Miss Rumphius Effect. A sojourn to California brings to mind Allen Ginsberg over at Big A little a. Here's a grand mash-up, at Scholar's Blog: Eliot's "Burnt Norton," Milton's Lycidas, and the "Doctor Who" TV show.

Elaine at Blue Rose Girls has a big announcement—yay, Elaine!—and some excellent National Poetry month resources for children, parents, homeschoolers, and teachers. Speaking of teachers, Lisa and her second-graders have great ideas for creating a Living Anthology of poetry on the school walls; see Passionately Curious for details.

Author! Author! YA novelist Alma Fullerton chats with  Liz B. at a Chair, A Fireplace and A Tea Cozy. Running short of poetry-book ideas for the younger crowd? Seven Impossible Things offers all kinds of recommendations. Readathon is in the house, with William Stafford's"Afternoon in the Stacks."

Have you read Susan Taylor Brown's novel-in-verse, Hugging the Rock? If not, you should! The poet herself offers a work by John Farrar, at Once Upon a Time... Then, hop over to Wordy Girls for Wislawa Szymborska's "Four in the Morning" and  short poems by the Wordy Girls. S-s-s-s-s-ssnake poems come out of hiberation at Charlotte's Library, while Bri Meets Books shares a poem by Adrienne Rich.

Hey, You!, a new anthology, receives a Kelly Fineman review. (Another book for the ever-growing library list.) HipWriterMama even found a poem by her role model, Elizabeth I. Get out your pencils; it's a Frost pop quiz, at A Year of Reading. Mr. Eliot pops up again at Slayground, with "The Naming of Cats," then at What Adrienne Thinks About That, who gives a shout-out to the poet and talks a little Prufrock.

Blog from the Windowsill sings along with They Might Be Giants, and kudzu, of all things, crops up at MotherReader's place as she writes about Tracie Vaughn Zimmer's YA novel Reaching for Sun. Melissa Wiley's baby daughter is a darn good poet; just look at her poem at Here in the Bonny Glen. It's a fun mother-daughter collaboration when A Fuse # Production turns to Susan Ramsey for "Consider  Hairs." The first spring flower and a poem have arrived at By Sun and Candlelight.

A Wrung Sponge says that Alice Walker's picture book There Is a Flower at the End of My Nose Smelling Me is a "beautiful little book" that "reads just like a song." Pixiepalace celebrates a favorite nonsense poet, posting Lear's "New Vestments." Farm School hosts William Wordsworth and tells what's been keeping 'em busy at the farm.

A big hearty welcome goes out to Tracie Vaughn Zimmer, who reveals her favorite poem ever. (MotherReader reviews Tracie's book today, too.) More Emily Dickinson is in store for us at Lectitans, who showcases "I'm Nobody." Mombrarian (isn't that a good name for a blog?) considers Caroline Kennedy's anthology A Family of Poems; it's Mombrarian's very first Poetry Friday entry. Bienvenido!

Educating Alice slips in a science poetry recommendation, along with many good suggestions for nonfiction. GottaBook found a Fibonacci bookcase and tells us where to find one.


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Oh, the shame of it! I have no Poetry Friday post--too busy packing. I can vouch for the quality of the Brooks and Kuskin books, however. Glorious reissues of great poems with snazzy new illustrations, in both cases. And fun--both poets aimed straight at kid level, and the words sound so rhythmic when you read them aloud.

Thanks again for another wonderful list. Happy weekend.

I can't believe I have mine ready for tomorrow today:

I love the book list.

Hi Susan:

I just posted about National Poetry Month and the Knopf Poem-A-Day program. http://liz-scanlon.livejournal.com/14647.html

Thanks for rounding up, and for this great list of new books. I really like Valerie Worth's small poems so I'm eager to read her animal collection...

I'm in!



Hi Susan,
I'm in with a poem on books and some quotes on reading.

Hey Susan:

Thanks for the roundup! Here's my link:


Also, Michele wrote me to let me know she's posted (she's also on the road). Here's her link:



At Blue Rose Girls:
In my post, Gearing Up for National Poetry Month, I have links to poetry resources, online articles, and poetry lessons for teachers, homeschoolers, and other poetry lovers; poetry writing activities for children; and some children's poets websites.


P.S. Susan, I also have an announcement at the end of my Poetry Friday post at Blue Rose Girls.

And I forgot to thank you for doing the roundup!

Thanks for the roundup, Susan. I'm in with a poem my students selected for our Living Anthology Project. Happy National Poetry Month!

Okay, I'm in after all! It pays to have insomnia:


Thanks, Susan.

I just posted mine http://yzocaet.blogspot.com/2007/03/poetry-friday-interview-with-alma.html

and cool you have the info on Michele/ Scholar's Blog.

I'm in at http://blaine.org/sevenimpossiblethings/?p=559 with a post that makes me look insufferably overachieving, but I'm trying to get caught up with some reviews and such. So, there are five poetry-related quickies: The Poetry Foundations marriage of comics and poetry; Shoe Baby and the Long Nose Puppets; Tracey Campbell Pearson's adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's "The Moon"; Liz Scanlon's A Sock Is a Pocket for Your Toes and her great post on noticing; and Jez Alborough's Fix-It Duck (but you don't have to type all that in the round-up). Yeesh, that's long. Sorry.

Thanks for rounding-up and for your post.

My reading theme-poem. Thanks!


Hi Susan,
I've got SERIOUS OMISSION by John Farrar at my blog, Susan Writes. http://susanwrites.livejournal.com/73585.html

Laura Salas has FOUR IN THE MORNING by Wislawa Szymborska
at http://community.livejournal.com/wordygirls/25945.html

and as always, Wordy Girls has a round-up of poems that are 15 words or less inspired by a picture posted the previous day. You can find them at: http://community.livejournal.com/wordygirls/26125.html

Hi Susan,
I'm in with some Edward Lear.


In with "Planetarium" by Adrienne Rich

Thought I posted a comment already. Hmm.

I'm in with a book review of a new book not on your list: HEY YOU!: Poems about Skyscrapers, Mosquitoes and Other Fun Things by Paul Janeczko, illustrated by Robert Rayevsky.


Duped at my Blogger acct at http://kellyrfineman.blogspot.com/2007/03/hey-you-poetry-friday-book-review-we.html

I'm in with a poem by strong role model, Queen Elizabeth I.


Thanks for the roundup! Like your list of books.

I'm still struggling to be true to copyright, so I shared a favorite spring poem in a goofy format.


The Naming of Cats by T.S. Eliot

I am celebrating National Poetry Month with love songs and long poetry at watat:


BTW, several of those books you mention in your post are most exciting -- A new Karla Kuskin! A new book with, I can only presume, poems about space from Florian! I must get my hands on these....


Just a bit of a song at http://bunnyplanet.blogspot.com/2007/03/poetry-friday-alphabet-of-nations.html

A poem from Reaching for Sun over at MotherReader


Susan, thanks for the round up (love that "mash up" comment !)

Kelly, thanks for passing on my link !! I forgot Susan might be on round up (*Blushes*) when I emailed you earlier...

okay, I think I got everyone's link so far. If I didn't, please holler.

Adrienne, I think at least some of that Karla Kuskin book is older material, though the illos are new.

I reviewed Alice Walker's There's A Flower at the End of My Nose

Here's mine!

Thank you so much for including me, Susan! :)

I talked about imagery today and posted my Favorite Poem Ever (Tiger by Valerie Worth) over at my blog:


I'm here with Emily Dickinson's I'm nobody!


Here is my first poetry Friday post discussing A Family of Poems collected by Caroline Kennedy and the lovely poem, "A Fairy in Armor."

Hi Susan,

I did a Poetry Friday reference at the tail of yesterday's Reading Nonfiction post (http://medinger.wordpress.com/2007/03/30/reading-nonfiction/).

Thanks for such a great round-up Susan.

You're welcome. I enjoy seeing what everyone has to say.

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