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Children's Literature Blogs at The Horn Book

Elizabeth Bird, the NYC librarian behind the Fuse # 8 blog, has written a swell article, "Blogging the Kidlitosphere," for the May/June issue of The Horn Book. She talks about how she started blogging, describes why she likes comments, and explains some of the conflict her blogging caused when she served as a Newbery judge recently. Betsy asks some tough questions, too, continuing a conversation that's been going on at the lit blogs this year:

... insofar as a blog doesn’t make money, it isn’t  beholden to anyone. The minute cash comes into play, all that will  change. Some book bloggers already place advertising banners on their sites. How will readers take this into account when weighing a blog’s credibility?

Go, read!


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Thanks for the link to Fuse's article.

I already went and read -- kudos to you on making the shortlist of blogs she recommends (not that there was any doubt in my mind, btw)!

Any time, Elaine!

Kelly, thanks for your kind words.

I am beginning to see some blogs (though not in the kid-lit world) where some of the content appears to be "sponsored." The kind of content in a magazine that would be labelled "advertorial." It will be interesting to see how this all shakes out.

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