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Announcement: Carnival of Children's Lit No. 14

Poetry Friday: "Cat Poems"

9781590782873 Cat Poems, by Dave Crawley, is a picture book sure to please 4 to 9 year old  feline fans. Adults may find the collection of poems a little sing-songy after a while, but the book's kid appeal is strong. There's much to like here, as in the chaos depicted in "Seventeen Cats,"

Cat-loving Kevin
has seventeen cats.
They flop on the counter.
They hide in his hats.

Crawley knows cats; he could be talking about our big orange tabby when he writes, in  "Picking Friends,"

He always goes
to those
who don't much care
for cats

Lively full-color illustrations by Tamara Petrosino enhance the text. Several poems are laid out in cartoon panels of 12, a clever way of presenting verse.

You'll find a round-up of all of today's Poetry Friday participants at the blog A Wrung Sponge.


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Yep, this will appeal to cat lovers and I have many.

Jone, he also has a book of "Dog Poems," but, alas, the local library does not have it. Dave Crawley is a reporter at a Pittsburgh TV station. Who knew!

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