13th Carnival of Children's Literature
Australia's Best, 2007

"Mama's Saris"

Pooja Makhijani, who has contributed several fine guest columns to Chicken Spaghetti, sent me a copy of her first book, Mama's Saris. (The official publication date is May.) What a wonderful picture book! Illustrated in richly detailed patterns and vibrant hues by Elena Gomez, the story tells of a the first time a little girl gets to dress in one of her mother's saris. Mama wears saris on special occasions, so the little girl wants to wear one for her birthday. She turns seven today, after all. Almost grown! The warm mother-daughter connection that Pooja portrays so lovingly makes the book a great Mother's Day gift, not to mention birthday present.

Congratulations on your first book, Pooja!



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Thank you so much for your warm, kind words, Susan! I am glad you liked it.

Stay tuned for my two forthcoming guest columns on CS, one on the Toni Trent Parker Multicultural Children's Book Festival (May 5, Stamford CT) and the inaugural Asian Pacific American Book Festival (May 12, Los Angeles, CA)!

Oh, this IS a great book. I purchased a copy for my Mom's early childhood education center. The kids had a great time wrapping up in blankets afterwards. The photography+drawing thing is unique and beautiful.

TadMack, I especially liked the depiction of the saris themselves, which were so pretty. I'm guessing that the medium is acrylics, with some watercolor work as well.

Thanks. I'll have to find that book. Looks good.

Thanks, everyone. (I just popped by see what ya'll been chatting about.)

TadMack, Susan, the illlustrations are amazing and I am floored everytime I look at them. Susan, if you'd like, I can send you a spread to post on CS. Email me and let me know.

Great, Pooja!

Pooja is a one of a kind writer. I saw "Mama's Saris" when it was in the proofs stage and can't wait to get my very own signed copy (May 5th - UConn @ Stamford, CT).

Kudos Pooja!


Yes. We need more picture books like Mama's Saris. Look forward to reading it.

This is a fantabulous book. I was thrilled to see it in its galley stage ... and to write a review, which will appear in the Spring issue of Kahani magazine. Congratulations, Pooja!

Oh, gorgeous picture, and great font, too. I can't wait to read it! Thanks for posting, Susan, and congrats to Pooja!

Congrats Pooja! Wow.. I remember us talking about this book of yours a long time ago at a dinky little coffeeshop/cafe in NYC.. The illo looks great and I just know the book will be wonderful.

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