Tuesday Coffee Talk, May 29th
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8 Things Meme

Here's a meme for y'all, sent to me by Big A, little a, Wild Rose Reader, and Scholar's Blog.  (Two years ago I had no idea what a meme was. Ah, how time flies.)

For this meme, each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

1. I am always seeing shop-lifters at the Gap. Maybe I should have been a store detective.
2. Like Kelly H. at Big A, little a, I love Indian food. During my  years in Manhattan, a very small restaurant on 6th St. called Prince of India used to be a hang-out for Mississippi expatriates.
3. For my final paper in high school, I wrote about the separatist movement in Quebec. Said paper began, "'Where is Quebec?' one may ask."
4. I tape-recorded myself singing "The Way We Were," and if I could ever lay my hands on it again, I'd podcast it because it's so incredibly bad. I cried with laughter when I found it years later.
5. One of my favorite books as a kid was The Secret Garden. Another was Harriet the Spy.
6. I like all Southern food like black-eyed peas, grits, pimiento-cheese sandwiches, squash casserole, and fried okra. Pierogi, too, but that's not Southern.
7. I saw the Rolling Stones at Shea Stadium, and experienced the free Paul Simon concert in Central Park with 1 million of my closest friends. I liked the Stones much better.
8. My favorite bicycle was a yellow Sting Ray.

I am tagging these blogs:

Shaken & Stirred
A Wrung Sponge
Here in the Bonny Glen
Charlotte's Library
Journey Woman
Karen Edmisten
Finding Wonderland
Kat's Eye Journal


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I make homemade pierogi. I learned how from my mother who learned from her mother who was born in Poland. I even created my own recipe for mushroom pierogi, which I make with mascarpone cheese. They're delicious. You can ask Grace Lin!

that sounds wonderful, Elaine. I also love borscht, too. And gefilte fish with horseradish.

Now that was just fun to read. I hope to meet you one day (in person, of course) and have a big 'ol Southern meal with you.

Thanks for the tag Susan. Loved your list!

Jules, we'll get the vegetable plate at the Elliston Place Soda Shoppe, okay? Love that place!

Nancy, thank you for playing along!

I loved The Secret Garden as a child too. It was so magical to me and just came alive. I have tried to get my daughter into it but it doesn't interest her. However, Harriet the Spy is one of her favorites!

Kelly, yes, magical. That's the word to describe The Secret Garden. I want every book to be like that...

I love children books. So where have you been...I just need to read a blog like yours. Thank you!!! Stop by and see me some time. I write about more grown up matters but I read books that my grandchildren recommend. They know what they are talking about!!!

Oh I love the meme idea. May have to do it myself.


Go, Indian! I also loved "The Secret Garden." Wish I could hear the tape :)

Susan thanks for participating - those are interesting "things" about you - I feel I know you a little better now...

Oh my gosh, I've never seen anyone shoplift in my life!! I always see people's bare bums, though. It's bizarre - but three times (THREE!) I've seen people bend wearing short skirts or their baggy plumber's pants slip down further than I really needed to see. And I keep thinking, "Why am I so blessed!?"

How do you make pimento cheese? My mother used to make a weird spread... but then, she made it with cashews and pimentos, and I'm sure that hippie San Francisco version isn't what you mean...

Mmm, I also love southern food AND Indian food. And you just made me homesick for squash casserole.

And I loved The Secret Garden too. We could have no end of things to talk about, if we ever meet in person.


My mother made borscht--two different kinds. One borscht was served hot; the other was thickened with sour cream and served cold in summertime...and sometimes she added a garnish of sliced cucumbers.

TadMack, for the easiest pimiento cheese, grate some cheddar cheese, chop up some jarred pimientos (drained) into very small pieces, add a little pepper and a tiny bit of sugar, scoop in some mayonnaise, and mash with the back of a fork. It should be the consistency of a spread--good for crackers and sandwiches. (For sandwiches, you'll still need a little mayo on the bread, unless the spread is really gloppy.) The effect should be mostly cheese with bits of pimiento. A glass of iced tea is always nice with pimiento cheese sandwiches.

Eisha, now I'll have to go digging for a squash casserole recipe! For those of you who haven't had it, squash casserole is made with yellow summer squash and often uses cracker crumbs and cheese. (I'm seeing a cheese theme...)

Wow, Elaine. Those soups sound great! As you can probably tell, I love to eat! I'm not such a great cook, but that doesn't stop me.


Thanks for the tag ... I just posted the meme.

I can't identify with the southern food ... I do love Secret Garden ... the closest I've come to seeing a shoplifter in action is via a friend: her daughter worked at a shoe store, and actually chased a shoplifter down and got a black eye in the process. Yikes.

Hi Susan,

I have fulfilled my Meme duty with 8 of the books I brought back from England this week...thanks for the tag!


Thanks for playing along, Karen and Charlotte.

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