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Several major newspapers recently reduced their book-review sections, and book critics are upset. Okay, so are a lot of other people, too, like the writers whose books the book critics criticize.

There has been anti-blog sentiment expressed by, among others, people who don't read blogs. 

(How do the advertisers figure in this? Where are advertisers choosing to spend their money? They have always chased after the demographic.)

Monica Edinger, who blogs at Educating Alice, says that we are in the middle of a paradigm shift. I agree.

I like book-review sections. I would never argue for their demise. But some could use some livening up.

Motoko Rich sums up the issues at hand in today's New York Times, and GalleyCat's coverage is thorough, too. (Check the site's May 2 entries, and look for A. Fortis's awesome cartoon.)


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The WSJ also wrote about this a month or so ago and reported that publishers are spending their money on displays in B&N and Borders around the country, rather than advertising. They're betting people never get past those first few tables after you get in the door, so they're willing to pay to put an author with "buzz" out front. Of course, that then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, methinks.

Interesting, Anne.

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