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Jeopardy (Chicken Spaghetti Version)


1. Monday, May 21st.

2. The Edge of the Forest.

3. The Illustrated History of the South Pacific.

4. "It should be said: Kevin Henkes is a genius."

5. Margret Rey.

6. BookExpo America.

7. BookExpo America.

8. Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy.

9. Seattle Children's Theatre, June 5th-August 31st.

10.  What My Mother Doesn't Know, by Sonya Sones.


1. When does the 14th Carnival of Children's Literature happen at Chicken Spaghetti?

2. Which online children's lit journal has a brand-new edition?

3.What is the title of the book that won New Zealand's best children's book of the year?

4. How did Bruce Handy start his review of A Good Day in the New York Times Book Review?

5. Which of Curious George's creators was born on this day in 1906?

6. Who says that it "loves bloggers," and then adds, "Editorial press representatives must register through our Public Relations Department. Press badges are granted to editorial press only..."? (Editorial aside: I don't really get this. Does the term "editorial press representatives" include bloggers or not?)

7. Where can you find a panel on June 2nd called "The Crisis in American Book Pages," moderated by the National Book Critics Circle Pres., John Freeman?

8. What's #1 on Publishers Weekly's picture-book bestsellers list?

9. Where can you see a version of Mem Fox's picture book The Green Sheep, in a dramatic production created for toddlers?

10. Which book was referred to as "soft porn" recently when it was "restricted" in Wisconsin? (via AS IF! Authors Support Intellectual Freedom)


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Re: #6, I noticed this as well and thought it was odd. Are you going to BookExpo, Susan?

Adrienne, if I do go, I can only go on Sunday. Are you going?

Yes, I'll be getting in to NYC very late Thursday night and am staying until Monday morning. If you go, let me know. I'd love to grab coffee or something, say hi. I'm very much looking forward to the conference. Weird blogger policies aside, I love BookExpo....

Love this format, Susan. Kept me guessing.

"Does the term "editorial press representatives" include bloggers or not?"

Yes, it does. Just ignore the scary language. I have a press badge for the second year in a row. I just sent in the application with a couple of printouts from my blog and a free business card that I had printed up at VistaPrint. When they ask for a "copy of the editorial masthead from your publication or a byline," they just mean a sample of your work or something to show that you really are press.

I'll be at BEA all weekend and would love to meet any of you!

Oh, awesome, Sheila! Thank you.

MotherR., are you going to BEA?

Adrienne & Sheila, I really would like to go on that Sunday, so I will see what I can do.

Love the guessing game.
Love that y'all are going to be marching around with press credentials.
Love that people are calling Kevin Henkes a genius.

Aw man am I jealous of those who live in Seattle. Where is the Green Sheep is a big favorite in our household. Thanks for the link.

Oh, how cool! What a fun idea for a post.

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