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Cdc_greenbean1. One of the books I'm looking forward to reading is Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. It's nonfiction (for adults), described by Powell's bookstore this way:

"For one year, the author's family pledged to eat only what it could procure from within an hour of its home. Meats, vegetables, grains, you name it.

After eleven previous books — bestselling novels, short stories, essays, and even a volume of poetry — Animal, Vegetable, Miracle marks yet another departure for Kingsolver. Her first full-length nonfiction narrative, and it's a family project besides. Husband Steven Hopp contributes informative sidebars that supplement Kingsolver's narrative and point out sources of additional information. Daughter Camille pens a short personal essay at the end of each chapter, offering seasonal recipes and weekly meal plans. Third-grade Lily starts an egg and poultry business."

You can read an interview with Kingsolver at Powell's site.

2. As an Edith Wharton fan, I'm not sure I have the stamina to get through Hermione Lee's new 880-page biography of the author, but I do hope to at least spend some time with the book. If you ever get a chance to visit Wharton's summer  "cottage" (we should all have such cottages) in Lenox, Mass., do visit. Quite cool. The estate, known as the Mount, even has a web site. While you're up that way, you can drop in on Herman Melville's home in Pittsfield,  Arrowhead, and see where he wrote Moby Dick.

3. DVDs are on my list, too. I still haven't caught up with one of my all-time favorite documentary series, Michael Apted's "7 Up." Starting in the mid-sixties, filmmakers have followed a group of British school children from a range of economic and social backgrounds, interviewing them every seven years. The latest one, which I have not seen, is "49 Up."


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The Kingsolver book is on my list too! I have read all she has written so far and would not think of missing a book, but this more personal journey of eating only local foods (or personally produced foods) is an experiment that my family is working towards.

Wisteria, I thought of your farm when I read about this book! Last summer we signed up with a CSA farm, but in the end, were overwhelmed with vegetables, like kale, that only I (of the three of us) would eat. This summer I will shop at the local farmer's market, instead, plus I'm planning to start some tomatoes and squash here at home. In the flower beds!

What a fun post this morning! I bought Kingsolver's book yesterday, and am really going to enjoy it. I'm also an Edith Wharton fan that has not yet read Hermione Lee's biography of her, but would like to eventually. (The summer "cottage" is incredible...thanks for the link!). And we have 49 Up on our queue, also. Your post was written for me, wasn't it. : )

Hey, Robin! Great minds think alike, yeah!

I need to catch up on that too. I think my first was "28 up." Ohmigod, I am so old...

Wendy, I think that one was the first I saw, too. It reprised the original "7 Up," didn't it? I was riveted.

Kingsolver is on MY to-buy/to-read list, too! As is Elizabeth Berg's new book, and a couple of new professional books for teachers. So many books...

Mary Lee, some days I want to move to the country and live on a farm, and I KNOW that Kingsolver's book will only further this idea!

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