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Deal With It!

In the next few weeks the fifth-grade girls who wrote DEAL WITH IT! Powerful Words from Smart, Young Women will be reading and signing their book at several places in NYC, their hometown: Morningside Heights' Bank Street Books, on Wednesday, June 20, from 5 to 7, and Harlem's Hue-Man Bookstore & Cafe, on Saturday, June 30, from 4 to 6. Yes, that's right, fifth-graders!  Here is an excerpt from the press release, which can be found on the book's web site:

Every day... ten fifth grade girls from different backgrounds came together with teachers from all over New York City from to write what is now DEAL WITH IT! Powerful Words from Smart, Young Women. The Extended Day Girls came to school 40 minutes earlier than their classmates to write many different pieces, such as memoirs, letters to friends, stories about sibling rivalry, and poems to describe where they’re from, to incorporate into DEAL WITH IT!

The Extended Day Girls worked hard on their writing pieces, which is now available for the world to read. None of the girls will get any money off of this endeavor (all money goes to their school’s visiting authors fund). All they want is to see their writing in the world so it can show kids what young girls can accomplish.

Wow, congratulations!  And thank you to Ms. Shubitz, their teacher, for writing and telling me about the book.


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What an inspiring and creative idea! Women and girls banding together, a word at a time, to try to do their part to change the world, and encourage other women and girls to gain confidence and strength.

Isn't that a cool thing! I agree.

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