Monday Coffee Talk, June 18th
First Day of Summer

Junior Recommends...

My 7-year-old son asked me to blog about a new picture book, Kid Tea. It arrived in a package of review copies from the publisher Marshall Cavendish, and caught Junior's eye immediately. Of course I said yes to his literary request.

Kid Tea opens with a two-page spread of a boy and a girl playing in the mud. (Glin Dibley is the illustrator.) Elizabeth Ficocelli writes,

Monday, fun day
mud-pies-in-the-sun day.
Brown and sticky,
hands are icky,
mud-is-on-my nose day,
squished-between-my toes day.

Then the next page says,

Dunk me in the tub, please,
for brown kid tea!

And, sure enough, the children are soaking in the bathtub and have turned the water brown. Tuesday brings purple popsicles and purple kid tea; as Junior reports, "There's a color for every day of the week," except for Sunday when the children go to church and don't get dirty. My son and his dad say that the words "have a good beat."

This is a book that Junior likes and thinks other children will, too.


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TOTALLY agree!!! I even blogged about that one too!!! It's been a hit at our library!

oh, I'll have to check out your review, Becky. Thanks.

More muddy fun for Junior:

"Mud Pies and Other Recipes: A Cookbook for Dolls" (tell him to disregard the subtitle as my boys do!) by Marjorie Winslow with illustrations by Erik Blegvad,

I love the "kid tested" review. Thanks. I'll keep an eye out for it.

Thanks for that recommendation, Becky!

Jen, thank you. It's so interesting--and hard to put one's finger on--to see what catches a child's attention. I am wrong as often as I am right! Take that picture book Who's Hiding? It's really geared to the preschool age, but I have found a number of older (1st, 2nd graders) kids who really get into it and laugh and talk about the pictures as they read.

This one caught my eye, too, but nothing matters more than Junior's opinion!

He is taking off in his independent reading, Mary Lee.

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