Monday Coffee Talk, June 25th
"Reading Like a Writer"

"May I Pet Your Dog?"

I mention this new picture book by Stephanie Calmenson because it's a practical guide to a common situation. I have a boy who wants to meet and greet every canine in town, and I welcomed the reminders here about safety around unfamiliar dogs.

May I Pet Your Dog? reads like a beginning reader, and it's narrated by a dachshund. A typical sample goes, "Here comes my friend Twigs. Do you want to meet her? Ask her owner, 'May I pet your dog?' "

Readers will also learn what to do when a dog too shy to greet comes along and when a scared dog growls, how to give a treat, and to never go near a dog in a car or truck. Although my son has been around dogs a lot, I saw him apply some of Calmenson's tips after reading the book.

There's no big story line,  just  good advice. Jan Ormerod's simple illustrations clearly depict what the child should be doing in each situation described.


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Here's a link to a post where I defined mentor texts:


Thanks, Literacy Teacher.

(note to others: I had asked Literacy Teacher at her blog what mentor texts were)

I saw this title in the catalog and was intrigued. It's such a common issue, that I'm surprised no one thought to do a book on it before - instead of another potty training or bottle weaning book.

I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment, Susan -- not earth-shattering, but it's great, clear advice that addresses a common (and potentially difficult) situation kids find themselves in. I bought a few copies for WPL.

We have a child that loves to approach dogs (and people, too). This will be a great addition to our life-lesson collection. The Reading Tub (a literacy charity) has also offered Murphy's Safety Songs. This is a picture book & CD combo that sets some dog safety tips/rules to music and covers everything from approaching dogs you don't know to proper care and feeding.

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