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"Growing Good Kids" Book Awards 2007

The Growing Good Kids—Excellence in Children's Literature Awards were announced last Saturday. Sponsored by American Horticultural Society and the Junior Master Gardener Program, the prizes honor "engaging, inspiring works of plant, garden and ecology-themed" books for children.

The 2007 winners are A Seed Is Sleepy, Josias, Hold the Book, and Once Around the Sun.

The Growing Good Kids list of classics is also an excellent resource, with such titles as Miss Rumphius, The Carrot Seed, Too Many Pumpkins, and I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato.


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Thank you for covering this award in your blog!


Katz's ONCE AROUND THE SUN is a fine collection of poems. I really like Pham's illustrations in the book, too. A SEED IS SLEEPY is great. I wonder if Aston and Long will collaborate on a third book.

Julie, you're welcome! These awards are some of my favorites, and I've found such good books through them.

Elaine, that's good to hear about the Bobbi Katz book. I've not see SEED, but thought that their earlier collaboration, AN EGG IS QUIET, was beautiful.

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