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Monday Morning Coffee Talk, July 9th

Poetry Friday: "Waterwings"

Img_0271_3 With dragonflies still on my mind, I went searching for a poem about the same, but came up instead with this gem from Cathy Song. "Waterwings" captures a fleeting moment in the life of a mother and her young son. The following passage touched my heart. It sums up the kind of moment that I always want a photograph to document, though it rarely does.

I watch the circles
his small body makes
fan and ripple,
disperse like an echo
into the sum of water, light and air.
His imprint on the water
has but a brief lifespan,
the flicker of a dragonfly’s delicate wing.
You can read the entire poem at the Poetry Foundation's web site and find what everybody else is up to on this Poetry Friday, at Farm School today.


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That was lovely, Susan.

That's beautiful. Great selection. Thank you.

My sister just had a baby a week ago, (Two now!) and it's amazing the collection of ephemeral moments have begun already. This is so internal and intimate a look at parenthood... of which I know nothing, granted, but it's beautiful anyway.

Poetry does such a good job of freezing those moments, I think. Remembering my son watch the fireflies, which I was talking about at Finding Wonderland, makes me both happy and sad at the same time. Now he catches them---so that is good, too.

That is truly lovely. It kind of broke my heart a little bit.

Mine, too, Eisha.

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