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The Hold List, 8.21.07

A Few Kids' Books from the Library

Today's library haul included

  • A Day with Wilbur Robinson, by William Joyce. Picture book, basis of the movie "Meet the Robinsons." We're fans of Joyce's Dinosaur Bob and  His Adventures with the Family Lazardo.
  • Library Lion, by Michelle Knudsen, with illustrations by Kevin Hawkes. Junior has wanted to re-read this one. He knows and likes it from 2nd grade.
  • Sardine in Outer Space, graphic novel by Emmanuel Guibert and Joann Sfar (illustrator). School Library Journal says, "Gr 4-8–What would happen if you mixed up the Little Rascals with Pirates of the Caribbean, and shot them off into space? Hopefully, something nearly as delightful and entertaining as this title." And also mentions "bawdy humor."

I haven't read any of these yet. Have you?


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I quite enjoyed Library Lion, and was inspired to buy it for a young friend (but I haven't been back to see how well it was received).

I haven't read any of them yet, but I hear great things about the first two, and I suspect the third will be good too (it's from the same team who brought the world The Professor's Daughter, which I quite liked.)

I haven't read them but will try to.

Have you read The Boy Who Was Raised By Librarians?
It is pretty good.

Kelly V., definitely read Library Lion to your class. We read it last night--good story, good points about the occasional need to break the rules.

Jen, I think I first read about the book at your blog. It's great. I may even buy a copy.

Kelly F., graphic novels are made for my son, who is a really visual kinda guy. I'm going to steer him toward these for a while--and of course the regular ole nonfiction about cars, octopuses, ships, etc.

A Day with Wilbur Robinson was the first book I ever read by William Joyce. This inspired nuttiness made me a fan.

I wanted to like Sardine in Outer Space but I found it difficult to read, small frames and crowded type. I never got through it. Maybe it was these 50-something eyes and younger eyes could handle it. Let us know what you think.

Library Lion is just plain awesome.

Camille, although I saw one too many episodes on TV of Roly Polie Olie, I'm looking forward to A Day with...

Oh, yeah, Jules, you're right. I've gotta write it up.

My about-to-be-second-grader adored all three Sardine books. He's on the third one now - when I got the second one from the library, he dove on it and barely let it out of his sight till he finished it. He also liked Tiny Tyrant, another kids' graphic novel from the same publisher (First Second?).

OH, thank you for that recommendation, Genevieve. For independent reading, graphic novels are definitely the ticket around here these days! And, yes, First Second, is the publisher.

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