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Poultry Saturday: Photos

Img_0314_2 Img_0315Today's featured chickens are Petunia, on the left, and Loretta, on the right. Petunia, 6 weeks old, is a Barred Rock, while Loretta, 4 weeks, is a Black Orpington. Both of these pullets (hens under a year old) will grow into large birds. They are too young to free-range at this point, as our neighborhood does have a hawk, not to mention raccoons, stray cats, skunks, and, sometimes, foxes. We also have some very comical turkeys who stroll through the yard on occasion, though they are not predators.

If you are interested in chickens, take a look at the extensive web site of the Murray McMurray Hatchery. Another good commercial site is My Pet Chicken. So far, my favorite book on the subject is Barbara Kilarski's  Keep Chickens!: Tending Small Flocks in Cities, Suburbs, and Other Small Places, which combines useful advice and stories of the author's own pets.


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Just at my parents yesterday -- they have new chickens, and Petunia's double, which they are raising for the neighbors. Too cute!

They're so sweet, aren't they? All I want to do now is go sit and watch chickens.

Oh! Ohohoh! Look at sweet Loretta! I want to pet her!

Can you pet chickens?

My favorite chicken book is Who You Callin' Chicken? by Thea Feldman and Stephen Green-Armytage. It's got lots of photos of the funnier-looking breeds.

Eisha, oh, yes, you can pet them. They prefer that you give them something to eat, but you can definitely pet them.

They have very sweet faces.

I will have to find Who You Callin' Chicken?

Okay I am not proud of this, but I have a bit of a chicken phobia. I'm afraid they'll peck my fingers. I wonder if there is a support group?

It's true: they will peck your fingers. Our chicks are so little that it does not hurt at all.

Could those be better names? I think not.

Thank ye, Jules. Loretta is named for the queen of Hurricane Mills, TN, of course.

Susan: They're wonderful. Like Rose, I'm phobic, but these two are beautiful :)

Thanks, Kelly. They keep me amused. Today there was big drama over a grape. Lots of dashing around and snatching.

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