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Saturdays with the Flock


This is Bossy, who's about 9 weeks old. She's a Barred Plymouth Rock chicken, usually referred to as a Barred Rock. Bossy and Petunia, the other Barred Rock, are the calmest of our small flock. They do not take off like a rocket when out of the run. (Ahem, Loretta, are your ears burning?) Junior is training Bossy to jump for a grape, and it's working, much to my surprise. Bossy likes a good snack: watermelon, tomatoes, and dainty bites of cheese. Bossy has ridden in a wagon, slid down the slide on Junior's lap, and participated in a playdate (not her idea but she went along with it). Bossy is a good egg.

In regard to literary matters, the book of the day is The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza, written by Philemon Sturges and illustrated by Amy Walrod. A great choice for a preschool-4's or kindergarten class, the picture book was featured on a Just One More Book!! podcast. The husband-and-wife team of Mark and Andrea say, "The colourful cut paper illustrations and the playful narrative make this funky, urban retelling of the Little Red Hen a hoot to read aloud."


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I'd like to thank you for putting the song "I'm Bossy!" into my head. She looks like she has quite a bit of character! Does she lay?

She will lay eggs, Kelly. She's too young right now. That's the main reason I got them--for the eggs--but they have turned out to be wonderful pets for Jr., too.

And, yes, she is a big character.


I posted a picture book review especially for you and Junior at Wild Rose Reader.


Thank you, Elaine! Sounds like a must for us.

Aw, she's so cute!

She is a sweetie pie, Sheila. We like to pull up chair beside the chicken coop and just hang out. I'm sure that word about the neighborhood eccentrics will get around!

Loooovvvveeee hearing about the chickens! What interesting little creatures they are. I didn't realize they were so "pet" like.

Hi, Sarah. Thank you so much. The breeds I have are really quite sweet. And hardy.

I could talk about chickens all day long. Thank goodness there are such places as backyardchickens.com for that sort of thing!

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