The Hold List, 8.21.07
Grace Paley (1922-2007)

Spanning the Blogosphere...and Queens

The Millions' Max Magee was on NPR's "Weekend Edition" recently, talking about summer reading.

The teacher/mom at Little Acorns Treehouse posts a good, classics-leaning list of read-alouds for seven year olds. Make note of her thorough fidget kit for kinesthetic learners, too.

The new You Read to Me, I'll Read to You is out. See A Year of Reading for a review. Scary stories. I can't wait! (I wrote about another in the series last year.)

My friend MJN spends the summer in Rockaway, which is part of NYC's Queens; it's on the Atlantic Ocean. Usually her blog, The Alternate Side Parking Reader, concerns city life with a car, but this post is about the deli. Read around in her blog; MJN writes with such wit and finesse that it knocks me out.

Min Jin Lee (Free Food for Millionaires) writes about Queens (do I detect a theme here?) and Middlemarch in "My Other Village," over at Chekhov's Mistress. (Props to the lovely new design there, too.)

From A Fuse #8's hat tip, I found Pinot and Prose, the fun new blog of a children's librarian in the borough of [drum roll, please] Queens.

Do you know which library system is the busiest in the whole country? It's the one in the most ethnically diverse county in the U.S.

At Critical Mass, Nicholas Christopher writes of taking a poetry seminar with Robert Lowell.

"Lowell was not just the best known poet in America at that time, but also a celebrity. It was still possible, somehow, for a poet to be a celebrity in 1969 America."

Also at Critical Mass, we get a peak at one of the next My Year Of... books, this one about reading the Harvard Classics. Check out Christopher Beha's provocative essay, which incorporates his views on literary blogs.


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Thanks for all the love for Queens, lady! Yes, we do have lots of fun over at Pinot and is, after all, fueled by lots of wine! And I can't say enough about the library - some of the most dedicated, fun librarians you'll ever meet work there. But I'm enormously biased...

Thanks for the link to Min Jin Lee...heading over there now!

I am right fond of Queens. It's true. I never lived there but have enjoyed the awesome park, Shea, and such in the past.

Thank you so much for mentioning my posts. I am just tickled that a blogger who I respect found something that I wrote worthwhile!

Jenny, those are terrific posts. Very helpful. Have you ordered stuff from Office Playground? Their products look like fun.

I've heard great things about the Queens library. I live in the burbs and want to take a trip to Queens --- just to see your library in action.


NT, a definite road trip, yes?

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