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Robert's Snow 2007

Reading with the 3rd Grade, 9/12

Our son's third-grade teacher sent home a friendly, informative letter after the first couple of weeks of school, telling the parents what the class had been up to. I was especially glad to see the list of books she had been reading to the students, so I thought I'd post them here. Maybe the kids in your life would like them, too. Thanks, Miss Nelson*!

Being a Scientist (I don't know this one.)
The Library, by Sarah Stewart; art by David Small
Math Curse, by Jon Scieszka; art by Lane Smith
The Minpins, by Roald Dahl; art by Patrick Benson
Odd Velvet, by Mary E. Whitcomb; art by Tara Calahan King
The Teacher from the Black Lagoon, by Mike Thaler

At home, Junior avidly read Beverly Cleary's Socks, via a book-on-tape narrated by Neil Patrick Harris. He followed along in the book as he listened. I heard bits of the story, about a beloved pet cat who must adjust to a new baby's arrival, and thought it sounded fun. School Library Journal gave a a thumbs-up to both Cleary's "hilarious" chapter book and Harris's rendition.

* Not her real name.


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The Library looks fabulous. I'm going to order it from our library for my Grade 3 student. Thanks for sharing.

I think that Odd Velvet is such a great book. I love it.

Wisteria, I'm so glad! That's exactly why I post these lists, so that we all can share 'em.

Kelly, I have to find Odd Velvet at the library and read it myself. It sounds like something I'd like.

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