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Rabbit Hill Festival of Literature, Westport, Conn.

The always entertaining Rabbit Hill children's books festival takes place Thursday through Saturday, October 25-27th. This year's edition, "Imagined Worlds," looks at fantasy and features the writers Jeanne DuPrau, Gail Carson Levine, Andrea Davis Pinkney, Rick Riordan, and Neal Shusterman, among others. Leonard Marcus gives the opening address on Thursday evening, October 25th, at the Westport Library, which sponsors the entire convocation. 

From personal experience I highly recommend the tour of Weston Woods Studios on Friday morning, October 26th. That's the outfit—and division of Scholastic—which turns so many good children's books into DVDs and sound recordings. The studios are in nearby Norwalk, about ten minutes from the Westport Library. On Friday evening you can dine with the writers, and Saturday is devoted to symposia by the various writers. All events, except for the dinner and Saturday's lunch, are free, but registration is required. I'm hoping to attend several of the festival offerings.

For more information, visit the Rabbit Hill Festival of Literature web site.


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"Leonard Marcus gives the opening address..." How can you say that so calmly? I would LOVE to hear Mr. Marcus. He's one of my heroes.

Please, please go to everything and report all.

Sara, I really want to take one of Leonard Marcus's children's-literature walking tours in NYC. Wouldn't that be fun!

I will report when I hear him speak. Absolutely.

Neal Schusterman is an excellent speaker. I would love to hear all of these guys! Riordan is a rockstar! I bet his event is packed. It will be great to hear about your adventures.

Oh, awesome, Camille. I don't know Schusterman's work at all, so I look forward to catching up with it. Hearing someone speak is usually an inspiration to read their books. (Of course!)

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