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Children's literature bloggers, authors, and others convened in Chicago over the weekend for the first annual kidlitosphere conference. "Kidlitosphere" is the term coined by Melissa Wiley (of the blog Here in the Bonny Glen) for the children's literature corner of cyberspace. A Technorati search for posts about the gathering yields lots of information, so start there. Those of us who couldn't attend missed a good time, but plans are already in the works for a meeting in Portland, Oregon, next year.


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I've always wanted to visit Portland . . . and next year will definitely not be my in-laws' 50th wedding anniversary, so it's a definite maybe . . .

Hey, Kelly. Portland and Minneapolis are two cities I've wanted to visit for ages. Oh, and Vancouver! Portland has Powell's, though.

We missed you, but I'm looking forward to meeting you at NCTE!!!

Oh, yes, I am thrilled to be meeting y'all.

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