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Img_0347Finally, I have some time to catch my breath and talk about chickens.

First, a picture book recommendation. In Silly & Sillier: Read-Aloud Tales from Around the World, author Judy Sierra includes "Kuratko the Terrible," a story from the Czech Republic, about an oversized chick with an insatiable appetite. Kuratko eventually picks the wrong thing to eat.  Uh-oh. I've mentioned this book before; the twenty tales hold up well, even after many readings.

In news of our real-life backyard coop, we can officially say that we have 3 females and 1 male, the former Loretta. One day last week when I noticed how his neck feathers had grown in (different from the hens'), I knew. In the photo, he's the one on the right; Petunia is on the left.

Junior re-christened him Zeno, which I think is a great name for a rooster. Almost immediately after the name change, Zeno began to crow again. Talk about empowerment. He sounds like a (human) toddler imitating a rooster; it's sweet. Zeno has grown, too. He is now the biggest chicken in the coop.

However, Petunia and Bossy the Barred Rocks are not about to let Zeno assert himself and, say, get the first grape offered at treat time, crowing or no crowing. As far as they're concerned, he is still a pipsqueak. Step outta the way, you. Both Zeno and Fuzzy, who I now think are both Blue Orpingtons, are flightier and higher-strung than the other two. Perhaps there is a Self Esteem for Chickens class in their future.

Img_0315 I did not want a rooster, but Zeno is our pet and we're very fond of him. If he gets too loud, we will find him another home. And I do not mean in a casserole dish. To the left is a picture of Zeno as a wee chick. You can see how big he has gotten since then.


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You have brought back some of my fondest memories. I brought home 4 chicks: Rosie, Luna, Gracie and Sunshine (the *runt.*) Sunshine turned out to be a big and magnificent rooster. Our chickens were a source of endless delight, joy, and amusement. Sigh. Congratulations on your own brood and I look forward to hearing more about your happy days together.

Natalie, Zeno was the runt, too. He was such a cute little thing. He is going to be a beautiful rooster. I let them free-range when I'm out in the yard. They're so funny to watch. They definitely like to stay together--flock mentality!

Aren't they a joy? I couldn't believe how easy they were to care for and how much pleasure they gave us. Someday I'll have hens again... and I think I'll be careful about *runts!*

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