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James Marshall's Birthday, October 10th: Let's Have a Party

Next Wednesday, October 10th, is the birthday of James Marshall, one of my very favorite children's authors. Marshall, who died in 1992, would have been 65. I'm planning on writing about one of his books next Wednesday, and hope that other bloggers will think about writing something, too. I'll link all the posts about Marshall's work, here at Chicken Spaghetti.

The man is Funny, with a capital F, and if you haven't yet read his picture books, run to the library right now. My library owns some 80 titles written and/or illustrated by Marshall, so there's a lot to choose from. Here are just a few:

The Stupids Step Out
Fox at School
The Cut-Ups
Space Case
Red Riding Hood
Swine Lake
Miss Nelson Is Missing!


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Oooh Oooh Oooh! I want to talk about George and Martha! I looooorve them!

Awesome! I'm so glad, Cloudscome. On this afternoon's trip to the library I found a Marshall book I'd never heard of. It may be the one I write about.

Thanks for giving me an idea for storytime in the media center next week. I was just trying to figure out what/who to do - now I just have to choose one of his books to read - that's the hard part!

Kathy, don't you just love his work? I just read "Wings" recently, and it is a hoot.

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