Blogging for a Cure: Robert's Snow, Week 2
Robert's Snow: Marion Eldridge & Shanté Keys

Monday Morning Miscellany, October 22

La Bloga talks to novelist Junot Diaz. The piece is a longer version of an interview that ran in the San Antonio Express-News.

Neil Gaiman's television and radio plans, at The Independent.

Coming up this week in Westport, CT: the Rabbit Hill Festival of Children's Literature.

J.K. Rowling outs the Harry Potter character Prof. Dumbledore; the blog Oz and Ends comments.

In case you missed it last week, Alex Ross wrote about the online state of classical music, including blogs about the same, in an interesting piece for The New Yorker. Ross is the magazine's classical music critic, and blogs at The Rest Is Noise.

PEN American Center sponsors a tribute to the late Grace Paley on Tuesday, November 6th, in NYC.

Children's Book Week is coming up November 12th-18th. The Children's Book Council, a trade organization of publishers, supplies the details. Reading the CBC's newsletter "Hot off the Press," I spied a new book I'd love to get my hands on: Russell Freedman's Who Was First? Discovering the Americas.

The New York Public Library's John Peters recommends scary stories, at School Library Journal. You'll find books for children from kindergarten age on up through high school.


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I bet the Rabbit Hill Festival is going to be great. Unfortunately, it's on the same weekend as the Keene State College Children's Literature Festival.

BTW, do you know Susannah Richards?

Elaine, I don't know Susannah Richards. Does she live in CT? I am hoping to go to the Thursday night part of Rabbit Hill; Leonard Marcus will be speaking. This week is a little nuttier than I thought it was going to be...

Have fun at the Keene festival. Did you help organize it?


Susannah has been involved with the Connecticut Children's Book Fair and the Foundation for Children's Books in Massachusetts. She is also a professor of children's literature. I think she lives in Connecticut.

I don't help to organize the Keene Festival. I just serve on the Advisory Board. It should be a lot of fun this year. I'm going up with Grace Lin and Anna Alter. The college has a wonderful gallery of picture book art.

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