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Baby, You Can Drive My Car

Earlier in the fall the proprietor of AskPatty.Com, which dispenses "automotive advice for women," mentioned her top ten children's books about cars. I was thinking about that list this week because I need to buy a baby shower gift. #1 on Patty's list is the classic Cars and Trucks and Things That Go, one of my son's all-time favorites. I'm going to include that book in my shower package.

My friend MJN reminded me of the car list; she blogs at The Alternate Side Parking Reader, which concerns the adventures of car ownership in New York. And if you think that squabbles over parking places don't get ugly, then read the post "Spot of Guilt." Whew!


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Thanks for the mention and the link love!

Jody DeVere

That's also one of *my* favorite books, but then we already knew Junior has good taste. :)

We loved Cars and Trucks, too. Still do!

I think this year I have probably purchased for, oh, about 3 or 4 different baby showers the Jane Yolen/Andrew Fusek Peters/Polly Dunbar 'Here's a Little Poem' anthology. Just perfect for a shower gift, in my humble opinion. And, of course, I had to purchase one for myself and my daughters. A must-have.

I had a post planned in which I was gonna round-up some new picture books all about locomotion -- Lightship, And the Train Goes, Ziba Came on a Boat, Trucks Roll!, etc. But did I get to it? Nah. Maybe I still can. But 3/4 of them were library copies, and they got turned in a long time ago. This keeps happening to me. I end up relying on my weak memory, and then my reviews of library copies just plain 'ol suck. :)

Jules, I loved Lightship. I had no idea that such things existed until I read the book, and I loved the illustrations. Then when I was in Baltimore, I saw a retired lightship they had docked in the harbor and knew what it was. I love that kind of serendipity.

Jody, thanks for dropping by. My son is a big car enthusiast. He and his dad have been to the big car show in NYC.

Adrienne and Wisteria, Cars and Trucks has given us hours of entertainment over the years. I've taken it to share with my first grade reading buddies, too, and we had such fun talking about all the crazy vehicles. And finding Goldbug, of course.

Jules, the Little Poem book is going into the shower package, too. Your reviews are always awesome, by the way.

I loved Lightship, too. Such a neat book.

Thanks for tracking down the Ask Patti list, and for the link to my traumatic blog post. (I've been avoiding that street.) I think I am going to have to link my blog to Ask Patti, which is so full of great car stuff.

Hey, M. You're welcome. That was a crazy parking situation--I'd avoid the block, too.

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