The Trumpets of the Sky: Week 5 of Robert's Snow
Young Adult Lit Fest in NYC

Monday Morning Coffee Talk, Nov. 12

A new edition of The Edge of the Forest, the online children's literature journal, awaits you. Reviews, interviews, recommendations—all there. Young adult literature is the month's focus; Edge founder and editor Kelly Herold interviews National Book Award nominee Sara Zarr (Story of a Girl).

The Best Books of the Year lists have begun. See Publishers Weekly (keep scrolling down for the kids' titles), Kirkus Reviews' Best Children's Books (PDF file), and The New York Times Best Illustrated Children's Books 2007, which comes with a cool slide show. On Wednesday the National Book Awards will be handed out.

The New York Times Book Review's fall children's book section was in yesterday's edition.

This morning on NPR Nancy Pearl selected some "Great Sci-Fi and Fantasy,"  which included a few books for children.

If you missed Daniel Pinkwater's children's book pick on NPR's "Weekend Edition" a couple of weeks ago, it was the newly restored Little Toot, by Hardie Gramatky.

In February The Brown Bookshelf will highlight African American children's and YA authors every day; right now the new group blog is taking suggestions for whom to feature. Go visit!


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I usually read the NYT book review in print, so thanks for the heads up about the illustration slide show!

You're welcome! The slide show is a good complement to the print version, isn't it?

Susan, Thanks for pointing these out. I definitely have some ordering to do for the library! :)

De nada, Adrienne. I added some books to my hold list, too.

You might enjoy this audio interview with "Story of a Girl" and "Sweethearts" author Sara Zarr.

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