Turkey Day
Poetry Friday 11/23


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No, I didn't guess what it was!
I just assumed it was either Hugo Cabret or Part Time Indian.
I had completely forgotten about that book that did win. I thought it was that author's 7th best book...

I thought the same thing when I saw that book on the list: oh, yeah, that was this year, wasn't it? Michiko K., the Times' lead book critic, seems to like that author's work.

I knew it. That was my guess, and I was right. Unfortunately. But you know, it's the easy answer. Which children's book of the year has everybody heard of unless they've been living in a cave? Sad, but that seems to be the criterion for the choice... ;)

On the other hand, I WAS pleased to see a graphic novel by Adrian Tomine (local to us here in NorCal) made the list. He's one of my favorites.

A.F., I haven't read Tomine's Shortcomings--thanks for the reminder.

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