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Friday Notes, 12.14

The Miss Rumphius Effect plays host to the Poetry Friday roundup today.

The deadline for the next Carnival of Children's Literature is December 16th. Kelly at Big A, little a wants to hear suggestions for gift books. Details at that blog, where you'll find the carnival itself on December 19th.

Award-winning author turns down Nestle check? Yep, Sean Taylor, who wrote the picture book When a Monster Is Born, refused the prize money from the big UK book-award sponsor. The Book Standard tells why. [link corrected 12/15]

Liz at the blog A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy is compiling a list of good YA books for boys. Go visit and make a recommendation.

New Christmas books by Kate DiCamillo and Frank (Angela's Ashes) McCourt are considered in this weekend's New York Times Book Review. You'll find critics' takes on other new children's books there, too.  Update 12/15: Over on the West Coast, Sonja Bolle chimes in on the McCourt and DiCamillo titles and a few others, in the LA Times' "Wordplay" column.


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That's very interesting about Sean Taylor. I haven't decided whether I agree with his rationale, but I still admire his principled stance.

Ooh, thanks for that last link. I wanna read that. And for the reminder about the Carnival.

Off to read those reviews then. Thanks....

Thank you, Lisa C., for that correct link. I fixed it. Your blog looks great, too!

Jules, de nada. I have a longstanding fondness for/obsession with The New York Times.

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