"Show me a good mouser, and I'll show you a cat with bad breath."
Merry Reading: Picture Books

Monday Morning Magazine Reading

The New Yorker rolls out a generous end-of the-year issue, with stories by Junot Diaz, Anne Enright, and Jhumpa Lahiri (not online), plus a John Lahr piece about Harold Pinter and "The Homecoming," and two poems by the late Grace Paley: "One Day" and "Suddenly There's Poughkeepsie." Caleb Crain opines on the dismal NEA reading report and other relevant matters in "Twilight of the Books."


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Ooh, I can't wait to go home and open my mailbox!!!!

Ooh, thanks for all the juicy-good links.

You're welcome, L.S. and Jules! I'm looking forward to the issue's arrival here, too. I want to read all of those pieces in print--especially the one on reading, which is fairly long. If you poke around the New Yorker site, you'll see there are several associated podcasts, too, including John Lahr talking about Pinter.

Oh -- and I'm just now getting around to saying thank you for the Paley poems!! THANK YOU!

You're so welcome. I love the title "Suddenly There's Poughkeepsie," don't you?

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